The Minders system includes, regular scheduled visits, committed Franchisees and staff who are pro-active and have an attention to detail, head office support and ancillary landscaping services, all of which combine to provide Managing Agents and Owners Corporation committees with a complete package they can depend upon.

Regular Scheduled Visits

The Minders will visit your property on a regular scheduled programme. During the year, as the seasons change, The Minders change their routine to match the seasonal duties that are required.

Head Office Support

Our head office operates as a central point to co-ordinate all your property requirements. This saves your valuable time leaving messages for operators in the field and missed calls. We also maintain a full history of all correspondence and works carried out at your properties over its service period with The Minders, to assist when you have changes to your management portfolio.


The Minders group has $20 Million public liability insurance. The Minders is a professional and reliable company that has all the required licenses, Occupational Health and Safety procedures and insurances necessary to protect its Franchisees, employees, and client's properties.


With over 20 years of service to the caretaking industry, The Minders have built a programme, which ensures satisfaction to our customers. The Minders offer OHS compliancy, fully trained and experienced caretakers who are backed by a head office that provides full administration support, quality control, complaint resolution and holiday and sick relief to ensure that customers receive complete service at all times. The Minders will meet all of your common property maintenance needs.

Cleaning Services

  • Vacuum stairwells
  • Sweep and mop tiled areas 
  • Dust & polish glass doors, window ledges, pictures, mirrors, handrails and fire safety equipment
  • Remove scuff marks off stairwell walls
  • Remove cobwebs
  • Check common property lighting and replace globes as required
  • Seasonally adjust security time clocks
  • Cleaning common laundries and toilets
  • Remove junk mail & loose litter
  • Sweep and/or blow pathways, driveways & carparks
  • Clean and disinfect garbage corrals
  • Clear drainage grates
  • Individual cleaning requirements

Garden Care

  • Cut and edge lawns and nature strips
  • Keep garden beds weed free
  • Trim and prune shrubs as necessary, including lower branches of trees
  • Spray for pests & diseases
  • Seasonally fertilise lawns and gardens
  • Supply and plant annuals or new shrubs (after client approval)
  • Ensure watering systems are working correctly


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