Reliable Income

Work All Year Round

Work All Year Round

In 1987, when The Minders commenced, they identified that caretaking for Owners Corporations provided superior income and regular scheduled work without the fluctuations of the domestic market.

Today, The Minders group services almost 2,500 properties, including corporate offices, high rise apartments, luxury townhouses and villa units.

The Minders have developed a Franchise system where Franchisees have regular, scheduled work all-year-round, servicing Owners Corporations with cleaning and gardening care.

Combined with an Income Guarantee, The Minders provide conscientious Franchisees with a successful, proven business opportunity.

The Minders are a highly dedicated professional company with clear objectives and a strong understanding of this particular market and its growth potential.

Work All Year Round

Work All Year Round

Work All Year Round

The Franchisee’s business is based on servicing Owners Corporation customers. The major benefit of this type of business, as opposed to servicing private customers, is the reliable and stable income stream it generates, which is not affected by seasonal fluctuations.

Because of their nature, these properties need regular service. You will have quoted agreements to visit your customers on a regular basis, either once a week or once a fortnight (sometimes once a day). Your agreement outlines the frequency of the visits, and details an agreed list of duties that are required to be performed.

In order to allow Franchisees to go on holiday, the Franchisees can hire fully trained Minders staff to take over their property run when required.

Guaranteed Income

Work All Year Round

Guaranteed Income

As part of your Minders Franchise investment you will purchase a client base of existing Minders customers. Depending on your skills and financial requirements, The Minders will structure a portfolio of suitable properties to commence your business and generate a level of income you desire. From the 1st day you have a real business with real customers. This client base provides you with a scheduled run, earning stable and reliable income.

Our current established, single operator Franchisees earn an average of $102,000 gross per annum (excluding GST). During the initial stages, The Minders Income Guarantee provides new Franchisees with peace of mind from day one. Your Investment in The Minders provides value second to none and immediate returns.

Capital Investment

The initial Franchise fee secures for the Franchisee the exclusive rights to service a specific roster of clients and the equipment required to commence trading.



Franchisor Support

Head Office staff provide excellent support to the Franchisees which includes the following:

a. Invoicing and Reporting Services

  • Processing invoices
  • Monthly sales reporting
  • Daily receipting of monies
  • Weekly reports on monies received
  • Monthly Aged Debtors Analysis

b. Property Maintenance Assistance

  • Need further training to secure the big jobs - no worries - the Franchisor has the skills and resources to train you on all aspects of property maintenance.
  • The Head Office provides troubleshooting assistance to solve problems at properties.
  • Office staff will assist in the preparation of quotes for new properties.
  • Head Office provides specialist support at properties, e.g. landscaping, tree removal, irrigation, turf, etc.
  • Want to go on holiday - The Minders will hire to the Franchisee experienced relief staff when required (subject to availability).

You are in business for yourself - But you are not alone with The Minders.